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We offer day or night trips.  Our night trips have all the boat lighting provided.  We illuminate the entire bow of the boat.  There is room for 3 shooters at a time on the front deck.  As we use the silent, remote controlled trolling motor to search the waters for targets; Captain Micah or your deckhand will be 15 feet up in the crow’s nest using a separate spotlight – searching for fish just outside of the boat lights.

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What is bowfishing?
Bow hunting is a time-honored tradition in the woods, but it’s a whole new game when you’re bow hunting for fish!  Some fish sit perfectly still for you and others dart away and hide in the weeds faster than you can blink. You have to stay alert and use fast reflexes to succeed at bowfishing, and sometimes shooting something is just plain luck.

If you enjoy fishing but have friends and family that find it too boring, bowfishing is the best of both worlds. You’ll no longer have to drag them on fishing trips, they’ll be begging to go bowfishing. Bow hunting for fish is some of the most exciting fishing you’ll ever do. You don’t have to wait for the fish to bite, you bite the fish. It’s non-stop boat movement as you shoot, reel, and reload, shoot, reel, and reload. Though there’s always time for snacks & drinks if you need a break. Free bottled water is provided. No alcohol on bowfishing charters…thanks

No matter what your experience level is with bows, everyone can enjoy bowfishing, including children. Charter a bowfishing tour for an unforgettable family adventure, a new experience with longtime friends, a fun date, or even a team-building exercise for the office. It’s good, clean fun that will have the entire boat laughing as everyone racks up hits & misses.

Once you start to get the hang of it, though, bowfishing can reel in the best catches of your life! That will bring on the cheers. Can’t wait to get started? Call now to Book your bowfishing adventure today!

Saltwater bowfishing is a great experience if you don’t like to sit around and wait for a fish to bite your line. This sport merges hunting and fishing together because you’re actually shooting the fish with a bow and arrow. After Capt. Micah took me out I was hooked and bowfishing trips for me happen about once a month. If you want to have a great night on the water shooting fish with friends don’t hesitate to book Capt. Micah Fishing Charters.
- Mark Marti

What’s Bowfishing Like?

Enjoy some footage from some of our past bowfishing adventures and be ready to start your adventure with us.


We provide all the equipment you need for your bowfishing adventure – but you can bring your own.  Some folks prefer to bring their own headlamps & bug spray.  Any questions about what to bring or leave, just shoot Capt Micah a text.
We use RH PSE Discovery Bows on our charters.  These bows can be dialed down to as low as 15lb draw weight.  Also we can crank them up to 40lbs for larger fish. If you want to bring your own bow, any archery bow will do, whether it’s a longbow, recurve bow, or compound bow, though the smaller recurve and compound bows are better in the tight confines of the boat. You don’t need an archery sight as it won’t account for water depth and can serve to confuse you rather than help when you’re looking at light refracting on the water.

The arrows are different for bowfishing than for regular bow hunting. They’re typically made of heavier materials than standard arrows to cut more easily through water and the arrows don’t have fletchings because they would affect the aim as water streams over the arrow. Bowfishing arrows also have a mechanism (usually a slide feature) that allows you to attach a line to a reel and the arrowheads are barbed to hold tight to your target as you reel it to the boat.

The third piece of primary equipment is the reel that screws to the bow. Unlike a typical fishing reel, the bow reel stores its fishing line in a bottle instead of a spool. This allows the arrow to travel at rapid speed without being hindered by a slowly unraveling reel.

You may also want to bring gloves to protect your hands as you reel in the fish. I have gloves to offer, but if you have a favorite pair that you’ve broken in, you’ll probably want to bring them along.

Last, but not least, we use flat-bottomed boats for all guided bowfishing tours. It’s steady in the water as adventurers lean over and aim for the fish and it’s quiet so as not to startle the fish. We normally book up to 6 clients on a private charter, please keep in mind we only allow 3 shooters at a time on the bow. If you choose to book a bowfishing tour at night, we use fixed spotlights  to illuminate the area around the boat for better visibility. As a bonus, the light helps attract some of the fish!

Tips for bowfishing

While we’re out on the water, we will work to turn you into a master bowfisher and ensure you come back with a worthy catch.   Here are some tips to help ensure you’re bowfishing trip is an absolute success.

  • Practice your water aiming by sinking soda bottles or another shiny target into water at different depths.  Shooting at the targets will help you understand how light refraction affects your aim and what it’s like to hunt through various depths of water.
  • If you’re wondering which bow to bring, a 25-50 pound bow is sufficient.
  • If you’d like to buy your own arrowheads, look for ones that match the game you’re hunting.  Drum & Gars have very heavy scales and will require a maximum penetration arrowhead.  Most other fish will only need a basic fish point for soft-fleshed fish.  Regardless of the penetration strength, it’s best to buy arrowheads with a quick-release tip that folds the barbs in for easy removal.
As the guide for your bowfishing trip, I will use my GPS with 15 years & over 1400 fishing spots as well as all of my expertise in the Orlando area waters and knowledge of local migration patterns to find you the best areas to bow hunt for fish. Also on night trips we leave at sunset to provide 30 minutes of light to visually  locate fish from the crows nest. This gives us a great starting point for the evening.  I began fishing in Florida’s East Coast waters when I was a young boy, and fell in love. Since then I’ve explored and fished in the Indian River, Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River and Atlantic Offshore regions and the fresh water of the Orlando and St. Johns River. I know them like the back of my hand and can find any kind of local fish to shoot including mullet, sheepshead, catfish, gafftopsail, flounder, stingrays, puffers, blowfish, black drum, kingfish, barracuda, mahi-mahi.

I love sharing my love of all types of fishing with my customers, and I can’t wait to introduce you to the joys of bowfishing. Not many people have experienced this unique fishing experience, but those who’ve tried it always come back for more. It’s an addicting kind of fun! I look forward to taking you out on the waters with me. Book your bowfishing adventure with me today!

- Captain Micah

Conquer the adventure – bowfishing

If you are a lover of adventure, we invite you to come try your hand at one of the most exciting and challenging adventures on the water!

You will experience the thrill of the hunt, challenge of the shot, disappointment of a miss and ultimately the joy of conquering your prey.

Private Charter Pricing

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1-2 hunters
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$50 extra
$50 extra
$50 extra
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Micah is an incredible Captain. I got to go bow fishing at night which is something I had never done before. He was so patient and informative at showing me how to do it and I actually caught one!! It was amazing.
- Samantha Tripp

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