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Come enjoy one of Florida’s great adventures – experience scalloping with Captain Micah Tolliver
If you are a lover of the water and adventure, we invite you to come try your hand at snorkeling for scallops this upcoming season!  Come out and sail with us this summer on your own, private scalloping charter.  You will get to kick back, listen to music, have a safe & relaxing time out on the water.  You can catch some scallops to take home as you conquest this Florida adventure!

When is scalloping season in Florida?

Scalloping season in Florida starts in July and ends on September 24th.  On the west coast of Florida, there are plenty of scallops to go around for everyone who wishes to take a personal charter out to try their hand at catching some of their very own scallops.
Captain Micah Tolliver offers private charters that sail throughout the entire scalloping season and allow you to explore some of the best scalloping locations that Central Florida scalloping has to offer.  Our scallop charters visit The Nature Coast which includes Homosassa scalloping charters and Crystal River scalloping charters.

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Why scallop in Homosassa & Crystal River?
Homosassa and Crystal River are home to some of the largest populations of scallops within the state of Florida.  This part of Florida is called “The Nature Coast” for a reason as it’s large population of various sea creatures, including scallops, make it a populate scalloping and fishing destination for those who seek a recreational scalloping charter.  “The Nature Coast” is the area where they can delight in the coast’s vast natural beauty, crystal clear water, and abundance of sea life.

The sea-grass beds that are common to the Homosassa and Crystal River area are the naturally-preferred home of scallops.  Meaning there are plenty of scallops for everyone to gather!  These sea-grass beds are also quite easily accessible as they are usually no deeper than 4 to 10 feet below the surface of the water – making them easy to snorkel and dive for and the scallops easy to collect.  The ease of collecting the scallops by hand in the clear water is part of what makes scalloping so enjoyable and accessible to all levels of experience!

It’s so much fun, it’s like an Easter egg hunt underwater!
Brad R

What do I need to know?

Scallops have to be protected and preserved for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.  So, of course, there are limits set by Florida law.  Here are a few details about your upcoming trip:

Each recreational scalloper may harvest a maximum of 2 gallons of whole bay scallops in the shell.  The maximum for a single vessel is 10 gallons.  Limiting out each trip depends on how aggressive your group is.  Also, each diver has different vision & some are better at spotting scallops than others.

Your Homosassa scalloping charters will include crew members who are happy to teach you the entire process. In addition to learning how to prep and adjust your snorkeling gear, you’ll also learn how to spot the scallops in the grass beds or sand.  We also teach you how to handle the scallops in the water and put them in your catch bag.

At the end of the trip we will show you how to clean your scallops.  Some people enjoy this process, some don’t.  If you would like someone to clean the scallops for you there are local businesses that offer this service – usually at $10-20 per daily limit/person.  Captain Micah can provide phone numbers for local scallop cleaners (or shuckers as the locals would say).

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Our crew is knowledgeable and will be happy to educate the anglers in your party on how to keep your scallop meat safe and sanitary, as well as how to pack your meat so that it gets home with you in the best condition. Captain Micah will provide 10 lb. of ice for each trip. Some of the local restaurants will even cook your catch for you if you want to eat scallops that evening. Ask for hook & cook.

All that leaves for you to do is kick back, enjoy the beautiful boat ride, listen to some tunes, collect your scallops, and enjoy your trip aboard our private vessel!

Everyone is Welcome Aboard with Captain Micah!

What do I need to bring?

Captain Micah ask that you bring your own mask & fins & snorkel, as everyone’s face and feet are different.


Catch bags are provided along with carabiners to clip the bag to your swim trunks.

Do you need a license while scalloping with Capt. Micah?

No, Captain Micah has you covered.  He purchases a license through the state that covers up to 4 adults per trip. More than 4 adults per trip? Captain Micah will guide you to the fwc website to purchase the extra license.
Children 15 and under are not required to have a license.

Are children welcome on scallop charters?
GREAT NEWS!!    Kids 16 and under Sail for Free with Captain Micah Tolliver.
While snorkeling we will have multiple floating ropes deployed around the boat for safety.
If you would like your children to wear a life vest on the trip, please bring each child that is sailing with you a Type III life vest which they will wear while the boat is underway. We have type 1 life vest on board for everyone, but they are not as comfortable to wear.
Who else will be with us on the boat?
These are private charters – it’s just your crew (and the boat crew).  You’re not scalloping with people you don’t know – you’re enjoying some fun with your friends and family!

These one-of-a-kind trips are open to parties of all sizes. Groups larger than 6 will require multiple boats which will be arranged by Captain Micah.

We request that you please let us know how many children will be sailing with your party beforehand, so that we can plan accordingly.

Come enjoy a relaxing scalloping trip

If you are a lover of adventure, we invite you to come try your hand at catching some of your very own scallops this upcoming season!  Come out and sail with us this summer on your own, private scalloping charter.

You will get to kick back, enjoy the Bluetooth stereo, sit in the shade or sun & have a relaxing afternoon out on the water.  We promise that we will do the best we can to give you a scenic and fun boat ride.

Private Charter Pricing

5-7 Hour Trips

1-2 scallopers
3rd scalloper
4th scalloper
5th scalloper
6th scalloper


$50 extra
$50 extra
$50 extra
$50 extra
Scalloping is so much fun you will be thinking about your next trip before your first trip is over.
Matt C

We look forward to enjoying the water with you!
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