Welcome to Florida! I am Captain Micah Tolliver, your fishing guide for Orlando Fishing Trips and Florida sea fishing charters. If you are looking for a fun time on the inshore waters you have found the right Captain. The areas surrounding Disney have a wide variety of flats fishing including: Tarpon, Red Fish, Trout, Sharks, Black Drum, and Snook. We will see a variety of cool sites and creatures – Maybe even Alligators or Dolphins!

Florida is home to the trifecta of in-shore saltwater fishing; that is to say, the Mosquito Lagoon, the Banana River and the Indian River. While those popular bodies of water are more like saltwater lakes than rivers, they are abundant with fish, on account of their access points to the ocean. You, your friends, and family can choose from our available boats, and we’ll take you out to these estuaries, for the most satisfying fishing trips of your life.

For folks who haven’t been, Mosquito Lagoon has a diversity of fish, including lady fish, spotted sea trout, snook, and red drum or redfish; and this is what makes the lagoon famous. It’s known as the “Redfish Capital of the World,” so it’s a must-visit area for fishing charters in Orlando.


Looking for something a little different? Our shrimping charters are tons of fun! Shrimping locations such as Titusville’s rail road bridge or the Haulover Canal is an experience you won’t forget. The fishing trifecta isn’t just home to schools of fish. The lagoons are teeming with seagrasses that provide shelter for crabs, shrimp, and other crustaceans. Book one of our vessels during Florida’s shrimp season, and you’ll want to come back for more. These night time charters are packed with enjoyment for adult and child alike!


Here in Central Florida we are surrounded by multiple bodies of water. We have fresh and salt water, lakes, rivers, and the Ocean. Captain Micah is licensed, equipped, and experienced to ensure that you have a successful fishing trip in Orlando, Florida.

You’re guaranteed a great time!


Why go on a boat when you can just angle from a pier, you may ask? Well, fishing on a boat isn’t the same as fishing on a bridge or pier. Sure, you might catch one or two from the convenience of the pier, but you don’t get to see the wildlife as you would on one of our scenic boat rides in Florida.Take a beautiful scenic tour of the natural habitats in Central Florida. We have plenty of sunshine year round, and wildlife never goes into hibernation. From Manatees to Dolphins, Alligators to Palm Trees, there is always something to catch your eye.

This was the most fun I’ve had fishing ever! Captain Micah is a very friendly, professional and genuine person. It’s obvious that he knows a lot about fishing and where to find great spots on the water to get his charters to the fish. I highly recommend Captain Micah to anyone looking to have a great time fishing and enjoying the Florida weather.

-Brett M.


From IN-SHORE flat water fishing to OFF-SHORE shark fishing, Captain Micah has you covered!

19-Foot Skiff Boat / Inshore

This is a shallow running 19-foot skiff with an 8-foot beam for fishing in Mosquito Lagoon, and both the Indian & Banana River. This boat has great stability, and storage. It has a 125 HP engine & can outrun summer thunderstorms. This boat has a poling platform that allows the captain to maneuver the boat with a 22-foot push pole. This makes it much easier to spot fish, being close to 11-feet off the surface of the water.

19-Foot Inshore Skiff Boat

24-Foot Boat / Inshore & Offshore

If you have a large group, Captain Micah also has this 24-foot boat built for inshore and offshore. This boat can access some of the flats fishing while also being equipped to go offshore. It has an 8×10 hard top for shade and a toilet on-board. It’s ideal for the open waters of the Indian and Banana Rivers of East Orlando near Cocoa Beach. This is the boat used when shark fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off of Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral. This boat is recommended for large groups or family trips.



US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain with local fishing knowledge for species in:
the Indian, Banana, & St. Johns Rivers, Mosquito Lagoon, & The Atlantic Ocean.


Your choice of 2 different boats.


Rods and reels, tackle, bait, ice, coolers & fishing licenses for all anglers.


Fish cleaning and friendly service.


Coolers and ice for food and drinks.



Polarized sunglasses (amber lens color is recommended)


We suggest that customers bring multiple layers of clothes


Beach towels, Hats, Sunscreen (No Aerosol Please)


Food, drinks (no hard liquor please)(no glass containers please)




Rain Gear


Bags for fillets


Soft soled shoes with a non-marking sole

Fishing Charter Rates for Every Trip

We welcome any angler and any group, and we’ll work with you to ensure you get the best fishing trip of your life. We can make room for large groups, and we also offer discounts.


Our prices vary according to your time spent on the water. But our fishing charter rates start off with the lowest base price of $275 per angler. We add $50 to the rate for every additional angler.
Please note that our charter times are set from dock to dock, and price will change due to seasonal work. Groups with more than 3 people will require a $93 deposit for confirmation. Also, please be reminded that you will have to shoulder any applicable credit card fees or online processing fees for Web transactions. Give us a call today to book fishing trips to Orlando, and we’ll take you through our charter rates.
Our Specialty Charters
Florida's intracoastal waterway and Atlantic coast offer many different opportunities to fish and experience the diverse wildlife in our area. In addition to intracoastal fishing and atlantic offshore fishing, we also offer shark fishing and night shrimping charters! We have special rates for special trips:
  • Shark Fishing - Shark trips last for 4 to 5 hours, and are done at night.
  • Shrimping Charters – We leave at sunset toward Titusville rail road bridge, Oak Hill or the Haulover Canal, and enjoy 4 to 5 hours of shrimping fun.
  • Eco-Tours– Explore the beauty of Florida’sintracoastal waterways and marvel at the variety of wildlife for 1 and ½ hours. We can also provide multiple boats.
  • Near Shore Ocean Fishing – These are daytime charters, with prices inclusive of 1 to 2 anglers.

Inshore Shrimping is an often overlooked but really fun charter experience! Our inshore shrimping charters take advantage of the calm inshore waters of the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon.  These trips are NOT in the ocean—fear not—no sea sickness. Trips go out at sunset and last 4 to 5 hours (no sunburns!) . Captain Micah places underwater lights around the boat and guests dip shrimp with nets. You will see all sorts of fish and dolphin swimming around the lights as well. Dipping shrimp at locations such as the Titusville rail road bridge, Oak Hill and the Haulover Canal that separates the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon is an experience you won't forget.

Kids Fish for Free!

At Capt. Micah Tolliver’s fishing charters, we welcome all anglers — even those under 16 years old. Because we love kids and we want them to experience the joy of a good catch, we offer free fishing to kids 16 and under.

Please bring a vest style life jacket (Type III) for your kids to wear during the fishing trip. We have the USCG life vest (Type I), which most kids find uncomfortable. And let us know, upon booking, the ages and number of kids coming with you to this fantastic trip.

boy taking a photo with a trout fish
Cancellation Policy

No fee applies when the skipper cancels the trip due to bad weather. Cancellation within 14 days of your scheduled trip, and not re-booking for another day, will result in a $45 cancellation fee.

Cancellation within 48 hours of your scheduled trip will result in a $93 cancellation fee, or a 30% cancellation fee for groups of more than 3 clients. For groups of three or under, a $93 fee applies.

We Greatly Appreciate the Tips

It’s not necessary to tip the mates and the skipper. But we sure do appreciate it. Our days, as you know, are 3 to 4 hours longer. So if you enjoyed your time on the water with Capt. Micah Tolliver’s fishing charter, we welcome the customary 15% to 20% tip.

Call us now and book your fishing trips to Orlando, Florida.

As a licensed skipper and experienced fishing guide, I can also take you along the magnificent lakes and rivers of Central Florida, and we can head out to the ocean, where you can fish for sharks. Along the way, you might spot dolphins or sea turtles. You’ll also marvel at the sight of pelicans, herons, bald eagles, and hawks.

We’re more than just your average fishing charter in Orlando, Florida. Whether it’s angling for our world famous redfish and shrimping at sunset, or enjoying the breathtaking sights of Central Florida, you’ll have the most memorable fishing trip of your life.

And with pictures to prove it, no one can say you were giving ‘em a fish tale.